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I have some exciting news, friends! Juli and Colt are married — and I had the opportunity to photograph their special day with Kim Dyer Photography!

Juli and Colt intended to have their ceremony outside, but it was a chilly, rainy day — not to mention it had rained multiple days before the wedding, making the ground ultra soggy. They moved the ceremony inside to the recently renovated Ryban Building on the Washington County Fair Grounds, where they also hosted their reception.

Beautiful bride Juli was smart to have her girls wear boots instead of high heels. I definitely stuck with rain boots for the day!

This couple personalized their ceremony with a branding ceremony — and no it did not involve a cow, as was my first thought. No, Colt had a custom brand made and heated it before the ceremony and the couple used it to brand a wooden frame as an act of unity, which was super cool since I had not seen that done before!

Congratulations to the new Mr. & Mrs. Willis!

More about weddings here!


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