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Did you know that a little over a year ago I was really only comfortable photographing anything but people? It’s true. Food and inanimate objects/product shots were my jam.

Don’t get me wrong, photos of people were my favorite — the ones I always wanted to look back on. The problem? It gave me great anxiety to interact with them from behind the camera. Most of what I was shooting was completely candid snapshots of my family. I had no idea how to recreate an emotion on the spot (which, to be honest, is still a work in progress).

Fast forward to a few months ago, (after lots of guidance from local photographers) when I finally felt confident enough to photograph these beautiful people in lovely outfits styled by blogger gal pal Sara Sabaliauskas.

We hung out at The Hills Event Venue in Omaha and shot several fabulous rehearsal dinner looks from local shops to feature in Wedding Essentials magazine. Here, I share bonus photos and a closer look at a few of the images straight from the page!

P.S. If you’re not following Wedding Essentials on Instagram, you’re missing out on beautiful things popping up in your feed!


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