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  1. I’m self-conscious about saying the word “bagel” because apparently I can’t pronounce it correctly and no one decided to inform me of this until I was 23 years old. My lips literally have a difficult time forming that word correctly. It’s a conscious effort every time.
  2. I’m the third of seven kids.
  3. I have two sisters adopted from Russia.
  4. My family used to have a dog named Ace. It was a girl. We trained her to be a failed leader dog for the blind so we could keep her for ourselves. Kidding. She only failed because she liked people too much — weird, right?
  5. I can’t stand it when people touch me with their cold toes under the bed sheets.
  6. I only sometimes like tea. I’m 100% #teamcoffee.
  7. Saying I’m a cat lady out loud is still embarrassing to me.
  8. For as many photos of my cats that I take, I’m terrified to think about how many photos of my future kids there will be. I’m going to need about 10 extra hard drives. Probably.
  9. My family has an annual croquet tournament. It’s been going on since 1992. I’m the only girl to have won twice and I’m the second person to ever win two years in a row (2015 and 2016). The other person was my dad — in 1992 and 1993.
  10. I get jealous of school kids on snow days — especially in Omaha where they like to have snow days even when there isn’t any snow.
  11. I’m the type of person who goes on vacation to do absolutely nothing. Ok, actually that’s a lie, I would do nothing and also take lots of pictures. So there would be some exploring.
  12. The movie “Twister” made me terrified of tornados.
  13. I wish unused sick days would turn into vacation days at the end of the year — like “hooray, you stayed healthy all year long!”
  14. The only foods I won’t eat: mushrooms, artichokes, tuna, olives … and one other I can’t remember.
  15. I used to think bobby pins were worthless, useless things.
  16. I love getting my hair cut. That fresh feeling after is worth the $$$.
  17. The countries I have visited outside the United States are all ones NOT at the top places to visit list: Russia, Uganda, Canada. Ok, that last one might actually be near the top, depending on who you ask.
  18. As a babysitter, I once distracted the kids I was babysitting for over an hour by whistling like a bird (without moving my lips) and having them look out the window to search for said “bird.”
  19. I once helped the cops chase a bandit down the alley way of my childhood home. Twas my civic duty, of course.
  20. As a child my family would spend summers up at my grandparents lake cabin. It was the best.
  21. My sisters and I would paint clam shells and rocks and “sell” them to other lake-goers … for free. *facepalm*
  22. I really do enjoy fishing.
  23. I once caught a snapping turtle by wading in a lake with a fishing net. I consider it a highlight of my youth.
  24. I’m the 8-year-old girl who thought sharks and alligators lived in lakes in the upper midwest.
  25. I stress clean. And procrastinate clean.
  26. I share the same birthday as my grandma, who also shares the same birthday as her grandma. (WHAT?!)
  27. I shaved my head in seventh grade — just for funsies. And so I could see my hair at every possible length and decide which I liked best.
  28. My hair is naturally medium brown, but in the past couple years it has been black, auburn, grey, blonde, and purple. I think I’ll stay a brunette for awhile now.
  29. I broke my right wrist every other year in high school due to biking accidents.
  30. I was once hit by a car while riding my bike on the sidewalk.
  31. I marched in the 2008 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.
  32. My first hot air balloon ride was with my grandma on my 10th birthday. It was the coolest thing ever.
  33. Going to the apple orchard is my favorite fall activity.
  34. I’m not very good at coming up with halloween costumes. It stresses me out.
  35. For the life of me I can’t seem to make a normal batch of chocolate chip cookies. But you know, gingerbread cookies, sugar cookies — no problem.
  36. I take way too long of showers for the good of the environment. I feel guilty about it all the time.
  37. I have commitment issues when it comes to home decor style.
  38. I think adult nap time should be an acceptable thing.
  39. I usually feel the need to redo my Instagram story videos at least 5 times.
  40. I originally labeled this post “72 things you might not know about me” but I felt I couldn’t make it that far so I changed it to 50.
  41. Sprinkles are my favorite food accessory for cake, pancakes, donuts, cupcakes, applesauce, chocolate-covered things and  ice cream.
  42. Growing up, I basically lived on a mac and cheese diet.
  43. The last time I built a fort from blankets and sheets was about a year and a half ago with my then 26-year-old sister. We built it around the TV screen in her house so we could watch a movie in it before taking it down.
  44. I love being adventurous when I’m with other people, but when I’m by myself I prefer the comforts of the norm.
  45. I once ate a gallon of ice cream by myself within the span of a week.
  46. I love oatmeal.
  47. I enjoy crafting things with my hands.
  48. I don’t consider myself a great cook, which makes me an excellent candidate for testing recipes. If I can do it, anyone can.
  49. Statement earrings are my go-to accessories.
  50. I love caesar salads — and wraps.

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