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I think I’ve told a handful of friends that I have a new appreciation for the skills my day job has taught me — especially over the past year. Sure, the varying tasks of my day-to-day work life has schooled me in a professional sense. What I didn’t expect was for it to improve upon basic life skills, like cooking and preparing my own meals.

For 2017, one of my goals is to become more confident, efficient and healthier in the meals I prepare. Honestly, it has been a tough transition for me for a couple of reasons. The first is that Matt and I don’t have the same, or even consistent schedules. He would be just fine picking up a pepperoni pizza from Little Caesars down the street and while that’s convenient, I’m more than a little hesitant about what that’s doing for my body. But while we’re confessing things, I do pick up Subway, Panera or Eat Fit Go quite frequently.

The second, is that making a mess stresses me out to no end and by the time I get home from a long work day. Meal prep and cleanup is not my priority — especially if I’m cooking for one, which is the case more often than not. If there’s one thing no one tells you about young adult life, it’s that cooking for just one or two people is a maddening science. And I don’t do science. No, Netflix/TV and a glass of wine is my go-to post work wind down routine.

Anyway, I’ve realized this way of doing things is not great for my bank account, my body or my set of life skills in general.

My solution? Two birds. One stone.

I can prepare healthy foods, and also photograph them to share with others in Momaha magazine. I also pair the recipes (usually an unpopular vegetable or fruit) with fun facts to help kids learn and to make it trying something new more interesting. So not only does it make it fun for moms and kids, it also pushes me to expand my horizons in the kitchen past spaghetti and the stack of frozen dinners in my freezer. And bonus that it makes for a beautiful magazine spread.

Here are three recipes that appeared in the January 2017 issue of Momaha magazine.

Still hungry? More of my Pinterest-tested recipes can be found here.



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