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In a previous post, I said you’d be seeing more of me — and not simply popping up in your newsfeed when I have a new post. You’ll be seeing more of my face here on this blog.

As I was scrolling through my social media accounts (read: Instagram) the other day, I realized that for the last couple of years, the posts I’ve made (aside from our wedding) mostly consisted of everything except me. I guess that’s what happens when you’re typically the one behind the lens.

So, I’ve decided to include more about my personal life and style to this blog because it’s an easy way for me to get myself in front of the camera. And because trust me, finding your own style is hard to figure out. Mine is far from refined. But it’s getting there, so why not share my journey along the way?

One common comment people have about their wardrobe is the lack of color. Most wardrobes fall into the “mostly black” category. I get it. Black is an easy color to buy, almost every article of clothing has a version in black and it goes with just about everything. It’s a magnet.

Well, I’m here to tell you that my closet hardly consists of anything black. The only items that are black are a couple of dresses, a couple of skirts, couple of pairs of pants/leggings, a few layering pieces and a handful of shoes — oh, and a couple of bags, too. Truthfully, typing it out actually makes it seem like a lot, but considering my wardrobe as a whole, it’s not much. Even so, most of the black I do wear is below the waist, which subdues the harshness of the color against my face.

I’ve made a commitment to myself when I go shopping not to add anything black to my wardrobe. So far it’s been working. My eye has been trained to skip over it. If I’m tempted to purchase something dark, I look for things that are navy or charcoal gray.

Here’s a look at a handful of styles that pulled in navy hues.

Here are a few new faves making their way into the mix:


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