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[Photography] :: HARRIMAN FAMILY

Emily Harriman. Where do I even start?

We met through Tri Delta at Creighton University in Omaha and she’s been one of my biggest creative cheerleaders from day one. She had the confidence to hire me to photograph her and her roommates before I truly even knew how to use my camera correctly. It certainly helped that her roommates were equally as beautiful and because they were such good friends our mini photo sessions were filled with non-stop laughter, awkward poses and constant hair fixing.

But, since I had zero knowledge of how to properly shoot in manual, I was also going through that crazy, excessive, photo-editing phase. It’s like the puberty stage for a photographer — super awkward and slightly embarrassing to look back on. And though it’s fun to see how far I’ve come since then, I went back to re-edit them to at least make them easier on the eyes.



Emily was the winner for the photo session giveaway — this time she brought her parents and sister into the picture. It ended up rainy and cold on the day we planned our shoot so we found shelter and great photo ops inside the Joslyn Art Museum.

I’d love the opportunity to photograph your family, too! Connect with me here!



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