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Last year, my boss gave me one of the best presents ever. One that I didn’t even know I needed.

It was a color consult.

Usually when I tell people that, they either give me a huge eye roll or they raise their eyebrows, totally intrigued.

The gist of it is that a color consult is an analysis of your natural hair color, eye color and your skin tone (specifically the under layer of your skin, which in natural light, reads either warm or cool). Once you know whether or not you’re a warm tone or a cool tone, the analysis goes a little deeper to identify which season you belong to: Spring (warm), Summer (cool), Autumn (warm) or Winter (cool). After that, the analysis goes another step further to  identify which elements of that season palette look best on you.

If you’ve read this far, you might be wondering what season I am — and if you’re really good, you’ve probably already guessed it! I’m a bright winter.

This means my skin looks clearer, eyes brighter, and overall healthier when I wear colors of high contrast — bright, highly saturated, bold colors. As the analysis was being done I was absolutely blown away by the difference the colors I was wearing had on my appearance. Being the visual person that I am, I was totally fascinated by it all!

If you ask my friends they’ll tell you that I won’t shut up about it (and a handful of them have actually gotten a color consult done since). I have completely purged my closet, which ended up being about 50% of my wardrobe. Even crazier? I didn’t miss wearing anything I took out and truthfully never felt like I “had nothing to wear.” An added bonus? I spend less time trying to decide what to wear because now the colors in my closet work together.

It’s because of this colorful enlightenment that I feel compelled to share my experience with others — especially other bright winters like myself. If you’re truly trying to improve your style, this is hands down the absolute best advice I can give you: GET A COLOR CONSULT.

There are two great options in the Omaha area that I would personally recommend: Karen Blanc, House of Colour and Color by Lu.

P.s. It makes for a REALLY great Christmas present! Start the new year off with a closet refresh!

Curious about my style and how I curate my “Winter” wardrobe for all seasons? Follow my Pinterest board!



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