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When Lanie first reached out to me she saying she and Taylor were looking for a wedding photographer, I was so excited, I started dancing in my kitchen. No, seriously.

At that time I had been photographing a lot of portraits, family sessions and babies — which, don’t get me wrong, are all things I LOVE. But, I was ready for a change of pace because couples might actually be my most favorite thing ever to photograph.

Lanie is organized, smart and driven. Taylor is down-to-earth, funny and totally over the moon for Lanie. They met at the gym and fell in love over sushi, ice cream, long drives down rural Nebraska roads, watching the stars and talking until 3 a.m. Two years later, they have become each other’s daily gym partner, occasional Netflix binge-watching buddy and life-long support system. Taylor recently proposed the same way he fell in love and took Lanie on a date with sushi, ice cream and driving down gravel roads.

Who knew that the gravel road they drove down on their very first date would be the one that led to a proposal and happily ever after!

For their engagement session, the weather, the light, the couple — could not have been more perfect. I cannot wait to witness the start of their new adventure together as husband and wife in September!


I would love to photograph you and your favorite person on the planet! Connect with me here to see if we’d be a great fit!



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  1. Chris Christen

    Your first wedding! I’m excited for you. Congrats! And lovely engagement session and “voice” in you blog post. – Chris

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