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Of all the things that have shaped me to be who I am today, Tri Delta has truly played a huge role. And coming from a family that has a next to nothing connection to sorority life, I honestly used to feel weird saying that; but the values instilled in my collegiate years, the foundation of friendship that grew and the philanthropic passion for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital are very much part of the current version of myself.

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to travel to Memphis with my Tri Delta Alumnae sister, Chinh Doan, and a handful of collegiate members from Epsilon Mu chapter at Creighton University to tour the hospital.

Before Tri Delta, I had absolutely ZERO connection to St. Jude. Danny Thomas, as an entertainer, was before my time. Going into the workforce as a medical professional, especially in the field of pediatrics, was never in the cards for me. As an active member of the Epsilon Mu chapter, yes, I knew St. Jude was a noble cause (and yes, the videos still made me cry) and no one was more proud than I was at the work we were doing to help the kids. Now, after having walked the halls of the hospital and a quick tour of Tri Delta Place, I can tell you that Tri Delta is forever my personal connection to that hospital and that I am absolutely in awe and prouder still.

Honestly, it didn’t take a tour of the St. Jude campus for me to comprehend the magnitude and impact that Tri Delta has on that hospital, but seeing it all first-hand truly had me speechless.

And of course, there’s much more to Memphis than St. Jude so take a peek at our adventure!


Not pictured: the enormous amount of mac ‘n cheese, fried pickles, fried chicken and bar-b-que consumed on this trip. Sorry, fried food pics are just not attractive and are simply a terrible reminder of the excessive amount of calories that went into my body!




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