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Another year of competition has passed and you’re looking at the second-ever repeat victor of the Annual Hoffman Croquet Tournament of Champions. *happy dance*

Now, I know that winning this tournament automatically comes with a year of bragging rights — and let me tell you, the Hoffmans seriously know how to brag when it comes to croquet — but I really  do have something to celebrate with this win. Oh, and did I mention there’s a trophy?

This year, we all stepped up our game because it was the 25th year anniversary of this family tradition. We had the tournament logo updated and put on white polo shirts. My brother (God bless his extreme attempts to beat me) sang the National Anthem before we started (that was new) and once brought his sound system and played announcer (also new) for the day. Last Christmas the cousins gifted the elders aunts and uncles a brand new croquet set, so we had two games going at once. And the winner also got a confetti shower and (surprise!) champagne bath (yay me!).

And do you want to know the last time someone won two years in a row? The first two years this tournament started. And do you want to know who this champion was? My dad. Good genes (and croquet talent) must run in a very specific line in this family.

So. Who’s up for a three-peat next year?! Kidding. I don’t want to jinx it. After all, my previous win was preceded by a nine-year losing streak. Though, in my defense, I did come in second place most of those years.

The trophy:


More photos from the day:


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  1. Craig W gustin

    Can I play in next tournament? We do the same thing twice a year

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