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[Photography] :: MURAL MOMENTS

Matt and I have been on a staycation for about a week now. And what have we done?  Not much.

We went to Sioux Falls last weekend for the Annual Hoffman Croquet tournament (more to come on this yearly family affair). We went on a day date, which involved some shopping, mini golf, a garden walk and ice cream. We drove around Omaha looking at all the different murals. We ate a lot. I did some reorganizing (because when everything is already clean, I start reorganizing things). I got my bike tuned up and ready to take for a spin. Our cats received more attention than ever and will probably be sad on Tuesday when we go back to work. I finished every season of Mad Men (thank you, Netflix). And tried to take pictures every single day.

So, speaking of pictures, these are some of the murals we spotted on our exploration date.

I know we didn’t hit all the murals in town. This is just a handful.

Do you have a favorite? Where is it located?

Also, I would LOVE to photograph some people in these spots. Shoot me an email of you’re interested!

Plus, we spotted plenty of buildings with rad colors that don’t have murals on them, but would make for gorgeous photos!






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  1. Jordan S

    Ahh I love all of these! I recognize that black cat. I didn’t realize there were so many awesome murals in Omaha!

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