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You guys!

My littlest sister is going to be a senior in high school this year — what?! And just yesterday she turned 18 years old!

I mean, I knew this day would come eventually. But it was really only something I talked about when discussing events far into the future — like I actually tried to slow it down by telling people she was only about 12 years old for the last five years. And as you can see, that totally helped — NOT.

Now that that future is here, it has me thinking … “what’s the next milestone?”

When she graduates from college (if she goes — and I don’t mean that in a bad way)? When all seven of us are married (that could be awhile…)? When I have kids (sometime in the next five years)? When SHE has kids (uh, yikes, because technically she could have kids before me, which would be totally bizarre)?


Also, isn’t she pretty?

A lot of people say she looks like me, which I guess is partially true since we’re sisters and all. What do you think?


P.s. I would love to take your photos, too! Let’s chat!


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