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This week was definitely not the best week.

Monday I woke up with a sore throat and by 2 p.m. I was experiencing major flu-like symptoms. I was so sick the only thing I could do was rest and try to get better, which took about three days longer than expected. It was not fun. By Friday I was actually able to get back to work (just in time for the weekend, right?).

Now that I get another three days off for the holiday, I spent today deep cleaning our apartment to get rid of those nasty germs so my husband wouldn’t get sick before we leave for Sioux Falls on Sunday.

I also finally had a chance to go through the photos I took last week at Moonstone Lavender Garden’s  Lavender Bloom Festival, which I have been dying (literally) to share!

After our Omaha Tri Delta brunch last week, a few of us took a little road trip down to Thurman, Iowa to check it out. Though it was ungodly hot out — we basically sweated our brunch calories away — we were lucky it didn’t rain. And I don’t exactly have to tell you that the lavender farm was stunning.


Ok, so I took a lot of photos of my sister-friend Chinh — she’s so adorable it was hard not to!

Also, I should make it known that the owners of the lavender farm are huge Harry Potter fans, which was made more obvious when walking into their purpled colored gift shop.



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