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[Photography] :: ROSE GARDENS

Yesterday Erin and I met up at Memorial Park to shoot some looks for her blog. By way of making sure I was prepared, I arrived early to scout some key spots to shoot.

It turns out we picked the perfect time to shoot at the rose garden there. While I already had the pathway and tree scenes in mind, the roses were a real bonus. I may have gotten a little side-tracked and started snapping some shots of the dreamy blooms — not to mention it smelled fantastic!

This is probably my favorite park in Omaha. It’s the perfect place to take photos. Plus, I love the way it changes with each season and is beautiful no matter what time of year. This is the same park Michelle and I went to a couple months ago! You can see those photos here.

Now I’m thinking one of these would make a great large art print in my apartment! What do you think? Sound off on your fave in the comments.





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