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Like most jobs, mine requires me to wear many hats — some at the same time. In the latest issue of Inspired Living Omaha, I was both art director and videographer for a feature on homemade ice cream. Boy, was that a task!

Since our move up to the Omaha World-Herald Newsroom in January, our new 6-person team needed a creative group project that could help us get acquainted with each other. We needed something that could not only be a learning and bonding experience, but could also be useful to one of our many special projects. Well, we happened to be planning for the next issue of Inspired Living and needed a feature for our Host section. A group brainstorm session ensued and we came up with homemade summer ice cream.

Kiley had a homemade ice cream recipe she usually makes for her summer parties. Kim brought in a fabulous chilled desserts cookbook, which we used as a springboard for our ideas. Tom had the perfect dish ware. Howard was handy with a camera. Chris had found the perfect tablecloth. And I took care of the coordination prep and video element. Needless to say it was a recipe for a delicious styled shoot and quipped really bad ice cream puns throughout the day.

Honestly, I used it as an excuse for a date with my sister Mollie — ok, also because she’s the one with the actual ice cream maker — and to try out a new 3-ingredient recipe I found on Pinterest that does not require an ice cream maker. My husband, Matthew devoured about half of the first batch of the 3-ingredient recipe. But since it was so easy to make, I didn’t mind having another go at it.

The biggest challenge? Homemade ice cream melts a lot faster than store-bought ice cream. It was a mad dash to style and shoot. Luckily I had a few random rolls of washi tape in my camera bag that we used as ice cream stand-ins to make sure we had the right angle and lighting before bringing out the real deal.

Check out the video below!


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