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[Photography] :: BABY ANNOUNCEMENT

Congratulations to Jordan and Ben!

This wonderful couple is expecting their first child to arrive in October!

Actually, it’s a crazy little story about how Jordan and I met. This might sound a little creepy, but a few short years ago, Jordan was planning her wedding and started following the Wedding Essentials Instagram. Since part of my job includes running the Wedding Essentials Instagram account, and I liked what she was posting about her wedding preparations, I decided to follow her back — as W.E. of course! 🙂

Even after her wedding was over, I kept up with what she was doing (and liking her posts) mostly because I was hoping she would submit her wedding to the magazine. But, in a strange turn of events, I ended up at a Girls Night Event at Four Sisters and she happened to be there, too. Since I came to the event alone, I decided to introduced myself to her and explained who I was and how I knew her. She politely laughed off at this strange connection and we spent the evening chatting and actually getting to know each other in person. Funny how social media can make strangers into friends in real life that way.

Anyway, I’m glad that happy coincidence brought us together — and I just know these two are going to make fantastic parents!


Also, Jordan is one crafty lady! She hallowed out some eggs for Easter, doused them in gold glitter and snuck a sweet little message inside to break (pun intended) the pregnancy news to her family.

Cheers to you guys!



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