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The Little Things

Well I mean I really only wrote a total of two blog posts this year, so there’s not much to be said for a end-of-the-year recap or best-of 2015 post.

A couple years ago, I put a fancy little jar (a.k.a. cleaned out used candle jar from Bath and Body Works that I decorated with washi tape and rhinestones) in my office. I started writing down positive things that happened throughout on sticky notes, fold them up and put them in the jar. Then, at the end of the year, I would take out the notes, read them and end the year thinking about all the little things that made the past year great.

I’m not going to lie, this year I only remembered to write down a handful — and they’re all pretty random. But I thought I’d share them anyway.

  1. Kevin Hart with Matty was hilarious! So fun!
    This was my Christmas present to him last year, and I’ve never laughed so hard.
  2. I took an awesome photography class from the Hootons!
    I actually took a few classes from them and I can see the difference it made in my photos. Worth. The. Money.
  3. Successfully uploaded Inspired Living to the press without any issues and a whole hour before deadline! Woot!
    And that was the only time it happened this year.
  4. The new mags are stunning — hard work pays off!
    Every issue this year was my favorite.
  5. Heather and Jameson really liked the photos I took for the Jan/Feb 2015 Inspired Living “The Dish” series. It’s a huge compliment and I even got a high-five from JD!
  6. Matthew scraped the ice and snow off my car TWICE this week.
    It was February and VERY much appreciated.



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