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Meet Archie!

Meet Archie (named after Archibald Henderson). Never did I ever think that I’d own a cat in my lifetime, much less two of them. But with my long work hours, Dexter ends up at home by himself for the majority of the day. I started to feel like Dexter wasn’t getting enough playtime interaction. I mean, really — he was starting to chase shadows on the wall. Sad, I know. The solution? A kitten comrade.

I decided to take some vacation days (WHAT?!) off from work. Out of about ten little ones, I choose Archie (originally named Boscoe at the NHS). I knew he’d be playful enough because he climbed right up on top of my head once we were in the room. One of his favorite spots is sitting on my shoulders. Let’s just hope Archie never gets outside — he’d be the cat to head straight for a tree and climb it.

Archie’s a domestic shorthair, who was found on the streets, cold, wet and sick, much like his older brother, Dexter. He weighs less than a pound and is only seven weeks old. But for as scrawny as Archie is, he’s certainly got some spunk and is quite an adventurous, brave little guy. He holds his own against big brother Dexter. It seems like he’s the perfect personality match.

As for Dexter, well, he was not a happy cat at first. He was mad for about the first 24 hours, but with some tough love, he warmed up. And in all honesty, I feel like the parent of two small children. By the next day Dexter had warmed up enough to give Archie a little bath and playfully chase him around — thank goodness because keeping them in separate rooms was exhausting.

Today, they started snuggling together. I about died. It was the most adorable thing ever.



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