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New Beginnings // Adventure One

You know how they say that you never know where, when or how you’ll meet the people you meet throughout a lifetime? Well, as of six weeks ago, I had no clue Michelle even existed.

I met this spunky, fun, go-getter at the first Girls Night Omaha event this past August. The second I heard about the event (via Sara of Sabby Style‘s Instagram) I penciled it into my calendar because: 1.) I was totally star-struck over meeting Sara and potentially asking her if she would be a WE Bride Blogger since she recently got engaged, 2.) getting some fashion tips + ideas from Sara for Inspired Living, and 3.) hey, it looked fun and I knew that if nothing else came of it, that I would probably get one or two new pieces for my wardrobe.

I’m sure every girl was there to shop except for me — though, admittedly, I did buy a few things — I was there to meet the bloggers. Fast forward a week or two and Sara, Michelle and I have sushi at Ponzu in Aksarben, then another meeting over coffee several days later. It was the perfect little creative trifecta I needed to be re-inspired (you’ll want to stay tuned for more cool things in the works)!

Anyway, my and Michelle’s love for photography sparked a fun opportunity for us to learn from each other. Monday was our first photo date. And since it really has to do with Michelle being a totally awesome human, I decided to use her blog, The Adventure Culture, as inspiration for what to call our photo field trips.

Say hello to Adventure One:

In all seriousness, though, Michelle is an answer to a prayer that I was desperately wanting a gal pal to practice photo skills with and I’m excited to see where Adventure Two takes us!

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