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Personal Brand Decoded

Honestly, I’ve been thinking about creating a personal brand logo for awhile now. I liked the idea of a monogram, but I wanted a version with elements that described me as a person and as a designer.

First of all, my life has always been centered around threes. It’s a good number and I connect with it more than any other number out there. It’s part of who I am.

Third child of seven. Born on the third day of September (the same day as three other people in my family: my grandma, her grandma before her and my father-in-law). Proud Tri Delta. The list could go on, but three examples felt appropriate.

Needless to say I wanted it to be reflected in the main element of my personal brand: Three vertical dashes, three horizontal dashes.

Why the dashes? Well, it’s how I used to sign my initials when my name was Heidi Hoffman — three vertical lines with one horizontal going through them all, creating a connected version of HH. It’s a snippet of a previous version of myself I felt I should keep.

I like the crazy and I like the weird, but simplicity is key and I’ve always been a lover of clean lines. So it only made sense to create a brand element that encompassed a simple design element: the hexagon. Although I could have used even simpler shapes, the geometric lines and modern vibe added depth and containment for the original dashes. It’s also easily divided into three.

Then, for my name, I felt that an elegant font was needed to give it a dainty, feminine touch. An italicized version of Bauer Bodoni became an instant friend. Saturated hues also add bold contrast to the heavy lines.

Your thoughts? I’m open to a critique.


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