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Welcome to Year 25

I know. Shut the front door. A blog post.

After almost two whole years I have finally, FINALLY, revived my blog — and with new look and a big girl domain name to boot! I jumped off the deep end and decided to ditch the “.wordpress” from this bad boy. Is that an indication that year 25 is going to mean serious hustle? So far, it’s possible.

I guess I’d say this next quarter century is off to a pretty great start. I don’t necessarily feel older and not a whole lot has changed — besides the fact that maybe I’ve started to take daily facial sunscreen seriously, started putting on a little extra anti-aging oil and make sure to eat a good breakfast before I head off to work. Don’t be fooled by the breakfast thing; I’m still not a morning person. But I do feel like I have a stronger sense of self-awareness and it feels very adult-like. Or maybe I’ve just got a weird confidence boost because I’ve finally found a schedule organization tool that’s working for me (seriously, I’m crushing my to-do lists like magic).

In all honesty though, I lean toward being on the older side of my peers so I decided maybe a little blog revival was in store. Now that I’ve past that quarter century mark, you’d think I’d have plenty to reflect upon — and it’s true. The last couple years of diving into the professional world, getting married and becoming a cat mom for the first time ever in my life leaves me with some great stories and a lot of fun photos to share. That’s what a blog is for, right?!

Cheers to 25!


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