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Trash and 18-hour days

Ok so here I go again with the typical apology for never writing as often as I plan. Sorry.

But now that that’s out of the way we can talk about the REAL reason for this post. Gratitude. For all the times in my day that I complain, I’m thankful for everything. Yeah, even the stupid stuff.

Because for the billionth time I feel like I’ve had to take out the trash this week, it’s gotten me up out of my chair and off the computer for a few moments to walk outside and get some fresh air.

Because even though I worked an 18-hour day last week and didn’t get as much sleep as I think I need in order to function correctly, much less curb this cold I’m getting, my creative team at the Omaha World-Herald will be putting out one of the best covers and fashion spreads in the next issue of Inspired Living. I couldn’t be more excited for it.

Because even though my fiance, Matthew, accepted a job as a Samsung representative and salesman at Best Buy and I feel like we don’t see each other as much, he gets some sort of joy and fulfillment out of what he’s doing right now. And if he’s happy, I’m happy.

Because while I’m getting tired of this apartment we’re living in and desperately want to move, I get to spend the money we’re saving on a wedding I’ve been dreaming of since I was five.

Also, I finally got around to putting up our engagement pictures on our wedding website. It seems a little vain but I do enjoy looking at them. So yeah, why not share the love?

Plus, Dan’s noteworthy work behind the camera was too impeccable to just admire from my desktop.


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