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Social networking addicts

I follow Thought Catalog‘s blog since I find most of the stuff they post quite interesting. The other day I was scrolling through some posts and ran across one that caught my attention: 10 Things Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram Addicts Fear. Now, I’ll admit that I’m a social media addict. I know it sounds bad, but it’s true. And to be honest, it might even be considered a good thing since that’s part of my job is to work with social media sites.

Anyway, I don’t necessarily have a panic attack if I can’t come up with the best tweet or if my super witty tweet doesn’t fit within the 140 character limit. But I have had a moment of slight panic when accidentally double tapping a photo on Instagram — all I really wanted to do was get a closer look, not favorite the photo! And almost every time I do an Instagram, I spend at least five minutes deciding which photo filter looks best. I mean, I literally go through each one. What’s worse is that I have an easier time deciding what outfit to wear in the morning than which Instagram filter to use most of the time. Even the past few months that The Bachelor has been on, I would avoid social media on Monday nights because I don’t have a TV in my apartment since I watch most of my shows online — the only problem is that they don’t show up online until the day after! Sometimes social media spoils all the fun!


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