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Every day is an interview

I’ve said before that a lot of the information I read about the journalism and media industry comes from following people or companies on Twitter that I find interesting. And, as a college senior who will soon (almost too soon) be graduating, I’ve been more attracted to articles I find that have to do with building a portfolio and personal branding.

This article from Grain & Mortar comes from a list of tweets I’ve favorited, only to read later and add to my journal of journalism things or information, that catch my attention. The article details several things that are important to keep in mind when working on personal branding besides the way you portray yourself online and building a portfolio. It was the last one that caught my attention. I suppose they save the best for last, right?

Their best advice for personal branding was to treat every day like an interview, where your hair is perfect, you know your stuff, you’re confident in you demeanor and the way you treat others. This is how every day should be: perfect.

Okay, I know it’s hard to be completely perfect — but you know what they say (or at least what my grandma says), practice makes perfect! So if you spend a month treating every day like it’s an interview, then by the time you’re going into an actual interview, the way you handle yourself and present yourself will be second nature — it will seem more natural, which is something I think employers look for because they want you to be comfortable in the job environment you are applying for.


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