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Wisdom from a freelancer

If there’s one thing I find most helpful in classes (besides working on projects to help build my portfolio) it’s having real people, with real jobs, with real experiences come in to talk to students. Not only is it a great way to start networking, it’s also an insight on real expectations. And, as a senior journalism student, it’s refreshing to know that there’s always stuff out there besides the big corporate jobs with a strict dress code and zero ping-pong tables. But, as Colin Conces put it, you at least have to put your pants on.

When Colin talked to the class he didn’t try to sugar coat much, which is something someone like me appreciates. He definitely said some things that really made sense. I mean, I guess if you think about it, most things seem like common sense – it’s just that sometimes we need a reminder to put things into perspective.

Colin mentioned that we shouldn’t be afraid to get a job – even if it’s not exactly what we want to be doing. The point of getting at least some kind of a job for a couple years is to soak up much up as possible and treat it like you would grad school (or a residency, if you’re compare it to a med school track). And he’s totally right. I think that detail alone gave me more confidence in the fact that it’s not just about getting a job, it’s still about learning.

As a senior, this automatically made graduating seem way less stressful. I was struggling to decide whether or not I wanted to go straight on to grad school and I ended up deciding that if I was still on the fence about it, I shouldn’t be spending my spare time applying. Colin reinforced the fact that I could learn just as much (and gain the experience) from getting a job and treating it like grad school than actually going to grad school. Not to mention it’s way less expensive.


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