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Entrepreneurial Media: The News Ecosystem

So there’s this new class at Creighton University in the Department of Journalism and it’s all about entrepreneurial media. Now, I don’t necessarily have to take this class because of a requirement, I’m taking it because I see the value in learning about the evolving news media scene. I’ve also had the chance to work with a start-up of sorts from my hometown and entrepreneurial media is something that I find interesting. Plus, I enjoy learning new things and different perspectives, etc.

Anyway, for this class we’re reading a book called “Entrepreneurial Journalism: How to build what’s next for news” by Mark Briggs. As for me, I don’t really consider myself much of an entrepreneur — I’m not very generous in the area of risk-taking the moment opportunity arises. It takes a bit to push me over the edge.

But one of the biggest things I find fascinating about entrepreneurial journalism is element of change. And I’ve been thinking about it lately how incredibly odd it seems that I’m not too keen on taking risks, but I’m totally okay with change. So, that might be something I’ll have to discover what that means for myself throughout the semester.

“It was a cause, it wasn’t a job. I discovered you get a lot more out of people when it’s a cause than when it’s a job.”Mike Orren

Briggs talks about Mike Orren, the creator of Pegasus News, and how he turned to entrepreneurship to solve his own problems. Orren dove straight into the news ecosystem with an idea, a little money and some luck. It’s risks like these that can ultimately lead to something useful to a larger community. I think that what scares me the most about entrepreneurial media is that there is such a high level of risk involved – not only that, but risk that has to be taken at the most opportune moment. I mean, even if it’s something great and becomes “the next big thing,” it’s that initial step that probably freaks me out the most. On the other hand, I think entrepreneurialism is a beautiful, creative thing – to be able to come up with your own ideas of what the needs of the future are, how to do things differently and to have the resources to build upon those ideas.

“Rapidly changing media landscape means you have the chance to create the future you envision.the more you learn about the current news ecosystem, the more room you’ll have to change and adapt.” Mark Briggs


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