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New computer

As a journalism major I use my computer for a significant part of the day. During the school year I’m in the journalism lab a lot of the time and the computers in the lab are all Macs. It was difficult to get used to at first because my laptop is a PC. But after a while I realized that my PC was pretty worthless for what I was going to need in the future. But it wasn’t until over the summer at my internship that I felt that because I had a PC. In a world where Apple is a thriving company, just about the only thing I could do with my PC was research and writing.

Unable to do any design or creative work, I felt like I was at a serious disadvantage. My computer was incapable of functioning at the level I needed to even be able to put any design programs on it. Therefore, as a student going into the multimedia business, I felt I was handicapped by what computer I was using. The only solution I could come up with (besides suffering through my senior year of college without the proper equipment) was to purchase a new computer.

I got my computer this week and I can see a difference – even in personal motivation. I now have the power to expand my talents and the range of the design level at which I am able to perform is much greater, which gives me a greater chance for potential employment. Now I’m able to work on my portfolio this semester, most of which will be available by January.


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