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Updating my status

Prior to this social media class, I thought social media served only several purposes

1. Keep people connected with friends

2. Keep up-to-date on fast fads and viral trends

3. Promoting businesses and events

Little did I realize that there was more to updating my status, how many followers I had or how many pictures I was tagged in. If I had to pick one thing that I learned the most about in my social media class, it would be personal branding.

Now that I’m out of the awkward high school Facebook stage, learning about personal branding had the most impact on how I portrayed myself on social media sites. Since everyone (even my grandmother) is engaged in some sort of social media, it’s more important that who I am in real life, is reflected in the social media sites that I am a part of – especially since joining the professional field is just around the corner and knowing the prospective employers will be taking a look at all the things I have ever posted. From taking this class I definitely view social media as a whole from a more professional aspect – from personal branding to using social media as a business tool in more ways than one.

The part of this class that I enjoyed the most was getting to practice making a social media plan and policy, short-term and long-term, for an organization using SMART goals. I thought that it really gave us practical experience for something we could be doing in the future. Knowing how to effectively use social media (especially for small businesses) is definitely a key talent to have as journalism students.

Thanks for an awesome class, Carol!


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