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Finding my roots

I was on my way home for Easter break and my sisters and I decided that it would be a great idea if we spent a Saturday afternoon with our grandparents on my dad’s side. They live on an acreage near Luverne, MN and my grandma had recently had a heart attack (also another good reason to visit). When we arrived at their house we said our usual, “Hey, how are ya?” along with some typical Hoffman jargon.

I couldn’t help but laugh when my grandma immediately started asking us if we wanted something to eat. And by something, she means anything an everything from pie, to bacon, to watermelon, to whatever else she can find around their house (inside and out).

We had a little catching up to do since neither my sister nor I had even seen my grandparents since Christmas. After talking for awhile my grandma brings up a family reunion and pulls out a massive binder. Literally. It was huge.

Apparently she had gotten in contact with some distant relatives who put together a record of all our ancestors – starting 130 years ago when they sailed to New York from Hamburg, Germany on the SS Bohemia. Who’d have known right?!

But the surprises don’t stop there. My sisters and I found out several new things about our family. Apparently our dad was a twin but his twin only lived for a couple days. His name was Daniel. My grandparents also had another son, Timothy who died at a young age after being run over. So needless to say, my Easter break was quite interesting and very eye-opening to the Hoffman side of the family.

Who’d have known that we’d end up with a record of every one we’re related to since they came to America. Only downside – I’m related to no one famous. Darn!


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