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The typical dog person

Yes, I’m a dog person. The only other pet that I had growing up besides a dog was a Goldfish. Actually, I had two Goldfish but my brother reached in the fish bowl and ripped a fin off of one of them and it died; the other one was clearly sad about it and died a few weeks later (of natural causes – not because I forgot to feed it).

My dog Ace was a Yellow Lab. We got her when I was in third grade because my family volunteered to be the host family through my elementary school to train her to become a Leader Dog for the blind. Lucky enough for us, she failed her last test to become an official Leader Dog so we got to keep her. And I’m sure she was happy about it too since she came back to a family of 9. I mean, clearly she never got enough attention.


Although, I’m not sure going to the Nebraska Humane Society with my social media class was the smartest plan since my mind was preoccupied with puppies! But overall, Elizabeth did a wonderful job presenting how she runs the social media functions for the Nebraska Humane Society. The main lessons that I took away from this adventure were that it’s very important to build a relationship with your audience first to see what they are interested in, what they want to see, and what catches their attention. Using social media outlets for an organization is very different than how it’s used for personal use in the sense that it’s a matter a trial and error as far as what mediums to use, how often to post, what to post and when to post it.


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