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Laws of Productivity

People spend a lot of time talking about how much time they waste on social media. As a college student, I can relate. As for me, I wouldn’t say that I necessarily “waste” time on social media sites. Most of the time I’m either looking for inspiration, ideas or motivation to do whatever it is that I need to get done. Today I spent a couple hours on StumbleUpon and I came across an article by Behance (a company focused on “empowering creative professionals to make ideas happen”). I also follow Behance on my Twitter account (@HeidiThorson).

Anyway, the article discussed the 10 laws of productivity(numbered below) – as put together by the Behance Team. I’m not going to take time to reiterate what the article said about the 10 tips. They seem somewhat self-explanatory. I guess what caught my attention about the article was the word “productivity.” I thought about how much productivity relates to social media and in the end it seems that more people procrastinate on social media rather than use it and be productive. So, what better way to be productive and make good use of my time by posting a blog for my social media class. This is me breaking the seal of hesitation – number one law of productivity.

1. Break the seal of hesitation

2. Start small

3. Prototype, prototype, prototype

4. Create simple objectives for projects and revisit them regularly

5. Work on your project a little bit each day

6. Develop a routine

7. Break big, long-term projects into smaller chunks for “phases”

8. Prune away superfluous meetings

9. Practice saying “no”

10. Remember that rules (even productivity rules) are made to be broken


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