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My favorite flowers lately

My favorite flowers are Tulips and Daisies; although, I’m not quite sure why. I think it has to do with the fact that, not only are they pretty, but they also just automatically put me in a good mood. See, when I think of Tulips, I think of spring, and when I think of Daisies I think of summer. Both are my favorite seasons too.

In my dorm room I have a poster of two Tulips. One day I thought it would be great if I could find another – only it would be two Daisies that I could put on the opposite wall. Naturally, I Google searched it. I found one that I liked so I clicked on it to see how much it would cost (without the intention of actually buying one at the time). I bet I looked at it that poster for about two minutes max.

I exit the window.

Now every time I open up my internet to check my Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, anything – the advertisements are for the Daisy poster I looked at or some posters that are similar that I might like. Wow. Talk about targeting customers.

The same thing goes for the fact that I go to school at Creighton University. Half of the banner ads that I see are for the Creighton University Medical Center.

We touched on this subject in my media ethics class and yet I still feel surprised by these banner ads every time. It’s kind of creepy to be honest and sometimes annoying. Half the time I find it to be a little too much – so much so that it would make me not want to buy a product just because it’s always in my face.


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