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The social life

If there’s one thing I know about social media, it’s that it can be utterly time-consuming. Believe me – as a college student, I should know. I am an expert at avoiding homework and spending my time on Twitter or looking at what my friends are doing on Facebook. Honestly, I’m not really ashamed about spending much of my time on these social sites because I know it’s what many other students are doing as well.

Even after listening to the speakers at the Social Media for Good (#SM4G) session, I realized that every type of business is spending time on these sites as well – and it’s not just confined to office hours. Most of social media develops so quickly; and it’s important for small businesses to learn how to manage whichever social media type fits their needs and to learn how to manage it with limited staff.

Because social media has become a reigning factor in the world of advertising, branding and getting your product noticed by using social media is essential. However, it’s important to keep in mind to only use social media if it’s going to do your business good. If having a Twitter account or YouTube channel isn’t going to reach your target audience, then don’t waste your staff’s extra time to put effort into it. Instead, decide on which sites are going to do you the most good and go from there.

Using social media in business is about failing fast, pivoting and experimenting with each outlet to see what works for your business or product.


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