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My life, minus Google+

When I first found out about Facebook, I was ecstatic. I even remember the guy who invited me to join Facebook. The one thing I realized after I got Facebook, was how socially far behind I was. I was in high school. I needed to have every possible means of communication with them at my fingertips. Before Facebook, I was at a serious disadvantage.

At first, for me at least, it was all about seeing which of my sisters I could beat in the race to see who could get the most ‘friends’ on Facebook and to see who knew the most people. After realizing there is no way that I could ever actually have more than 500 friends, I started to use Facebook for purposes other than friends. I started using it to connect with my friends via Facebook chat, writing on their walls, sending messages and liking everything. Facebook had become my primary mode of communication; texting came second. I checked my Hotmail account for emails less frequently.

Obviously every social media site has to have a competitor. Facebook clearly won over MySpace and now we have Google+ competing against Facebook. Personally, I enjoy using Facebook more just because it’s what I’m used to, I know how to navigate the site and everything is very simple and organized. Google+ on the other hand, I get the feeling like it’s just trying to put everything into one social media outlet and it’s trying so hard to compete with Facebook that it just looks and feels like a mess. The hangouts are awesome, but overall I definitely prefer to use Facebook more. But who knows, that could all change very quickly in the future.


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