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Resting in peace

The past couple of summers I had the privilege of spending a week or so up in the Canadian wilderness. Although luxury was not a key part of these family vacations, they were the only vacations where I actually felt like I was on a vacation.

Going to Canada meant absolutely no cell phone use, no television use (unless you knew French, which I certainly don’t), and no internet use. It was perfect. Those were the days that I loved the most about summer. I could spend the day not having to worry about how many people were following me on Twitter, how many Facebook notifications I had or how many emails I needed to respond to. It was a week of zero access to the rest of the world – completely unplugged. It was perfect.

I love days where I could sit down, read a book and not be bothered by a ringtone. I remember one day when we were fishing, we saw a bald eagle and fed it with one of the smaller fish we caught that day. The best part about it was that the eagle swooped down so close to our boat that we literally heard the wind flowing through its wings. Literally. I know I will never forget how quiet and perfect it must have been for us to be able to hear something so majestic. You can’t even tweet about that.


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